A Funny Thing Happens When You Market A Home Like A Brand…It Sells Faster.

To get top market value for your home, your house needs to look its best. We as realtors invest the time, money and energy to market the property so that it gets local, national and international exposure. Marketing is important because the more people know about your home, the more showings you will get. The more showings you get, the more offers you will get. The more offers you get, the easier it is to negotiate for the highest price.

As you know, 95% of all buyers start their home search online. Buyers start looking at homes online before they even start talking to a real estate agent. Your home needs to be all over the Internet in order to sell. Your home needs to capture buyer’s attention so that they click on your listing. We will have a comprehensive marketing strategy customized to your specific property that outlines in detail how we will achieve exposure for your home. The goal of the marketing campaign is to maximize the home’s exposure to interest the greatest number of buyers so it sells at top market value.  

Professional photos are absolutely crucial in today’s market. The professional photographer has to know how to photograph a house; they have to pick the right angles and lighting to make eye-catching and intriguing photos. The photos don’t always have to be of the front of the home, either. If you have a beautiful backyard, take a twilight photo. If your kitchen is amazing, feature the kitchen prominently in photos. We find that having exquisite photographs of the property is essential to presenting a home at its very best and maximizing its digital, online, and printed appeal. These photos form the foundation of the marketing for the property. Buyers have refused to ‘waste their time’ visiting a property because of grainy, poor quality or inadequate pictures that they see online. Professional photographs really make that big of a difference. Your home will make its very best possible first and lasting impression.