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Real Estate Sales Representative

Stacey is someone who not only brings her expertise and experience to the real estate ring, but her passion, too.

Having grown up in Toronto and living downtown most of her adult life, Stacey's affinity for the city is something that has budded and blossomed for years. Toronto is ingrained in her, and she's taken her love for the city into the realm of real estate.

Just a few moments spent with Stacey, both on a personal and professional level, will make it clear that she is passionate about everything Toronto has to offer and bursts at the seams to share that passion and knowledge with others. It's her helpful nature in addition to her experience and passion that makes her an impeccable real estate agent.

Not only does this path fulfill her and allow her to pursue her passion at work, it also benefits all the clients Stacey works with.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, or investor, your success is hinged on the advice of a seasonedprofessional who is well-versed in all things real estate. Stacey is not only well aware of that, but she's also fully committed and dedicated to making sure that each and every one of her clients is destined for success.

Stacey puts in 110% with every transaction that she is involved with. On the buying end, Stacey's keen eye is a big plus for her clients who are looking for a property, whether to call it home or as an investment opportunity. She's committed to maximizing the enjoyment of her buyer clients in their new home as well as ensuring future profits for investors.

On the selling side of things, Stacey isn't shy about getting her hand into things to make a successful sale happen, even if there are updates and renovations involved. She's got the drive to help her clients maximize the equity they build and eventually pull out of their properties by helping to manage and consult on projects, no matter how large or small.