There are many differing things that have to happen before a property can be properly marketed. Many of these items have to do with getting the property primed, shined and ready to be photographed in preparation for its market debut. This process is typically referred to as “staging” a home.

Staging can mean anything from a judicious reorganization of existing furniture, highlighted by some fresh flowers, to complete redecoration and the furniture of a vacant home. There is great value in staging because it helps market a home to a broader audience than only that with tastes similar to the current owner. Usually this involves dealing with things such as clutter or furniture placement that the homeowner has come to accept but perhaps might not best present the home to the marketplace. The way we live in a home and the way we present a home to make best market impact are two different things. If the goal is to sell the home for the most amount of money, homeowners are well advised to appeal to the widest audience possible for the current buying climate and keep an open mind to staging possibilities.

Please consider that if you are presented with three apples all the same size, one nicely shined up and the others dusty, or bruised and damaged, people will gravitate to the one that is polished. People will also pay more for the apple that looks best. The appeal is just human nature and in regards to the sale of a house, the stakes can be very high indeed. In order for all other marketing elements to fall into place, the staging process should really be completed at least a week before the property is to go on the market.